Our overall verdict "Excellent"
Music: 9/10
Vocals: 7/10
Production: 8/10

In September 2013, guitarists Ryan Adams and Dylan Chinchen met vocalist Christian Bourne. After being impressed by each other’s musical abilities, they decided to start a band.

The trio immediately began writing material whilst on the hunt for a bassist and drummer. In May 2014, drummer Jasper Brownlow was recruited before the band completed their lineup with the addition of James Claugher on bass.

Now armed with a full lineup, a tight live set-list and a self-titled debut EP, Unheard Before The Wake are ready to unleash themselves on the music scene.

The band’s biography states that their influences are rather eclectic, and as such, that their music is difficult to pigeonhole into one particular sub genre – this proves true.
Whilst listening through Unheard Before The Wake, I was able to discern elements of metalcore, black metal, groove metal and other styles. Amalgamated into one record, the range of different approaches to songwriting produces some juxtaposing rhythms, chord progressions and melodies. These can be jarring and harsh on the ear when employed too often, but the band have balanced the use of these techniques well to create genuinely interesting and original tracks.

By the second track, I began noticing a few hiccups in the recording and production of the EP. These problems were only minor, and would probably be unnoticeable to the untrained ear – but I’d noticed that some of the lead guitar lines were a little out of time with the other instrument tracks. This detracts from the otherwise tight pulse of the music which flows throughout the EP. The only other problem I was able to pick up on was that on the first track, “Empire Paved In Blood”, Bourne’s vocals are slightly too drowned out in the mix and could benefit from being slightly more prominent.

Those minor problems aside, the production on Unheard Before The Wake is outstanding.

The overall composition and songwriting of this debut EP is to an incredibly high and professional standard – with enough work and effort, I can see Unheard Before The Wake going on to achieve great things together as a band.

Unheard Before The Wake was recorded, mixed and mastered by vocalist Christian Bourne.

The self-titled EP, Unheard Before The Wake, was released on December 21st, 2014.

‘Unheard Before The Wake’ track listing:
1. Empire Paved In Blood
2. Neglected
3. Vampire
4. Dictate Where We Roam

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Unheard Before The Wake lineup:
Christian Bourne – Vocals
Dylan Chinchen – Guitar & clean vocals
Ryan Adams – Guitar
James Claugher – Bass
Jasper Brownlow – Drums

Unheard Before The Wake online:

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