Our overall verdict "Excellent"
Music: 8/10
Vocals: 6/10
Production: 10/10
Premortal Breath Premortal Breath was formed in 2010 in Mannheim, Germany, by current members Thomas Pettrich (drums) and Thomas Greulich (vocals). In October 2010, the group entered Beat-House Studio in Rauenberg, Germany. Here, they recorded a two-track demo, including the songs "Mind Over Matter" and "Your Ruin". Shortly after, the band went through a number of lineup changes and auditions, before finally settling with the current lineup. It was at this point that the band committed to recording their first album. Premortal Breath's debut album, They, was engineered, mixed and mastered by Bastian Knochel of Logischdenker Records (www.logischdenker.de) before being released in July 2014. Put together with the simple goal of creating heavy, yet melodic metal, Premortal Breath manage to accomplish this on their first full-length studio effort. The overall musical vibe of They harks back to traditional metal, with a resemblance to Iron Maiden, Metallica and other metal bands which were prominent in the 80's. This isn't definitive of the entire record though, as at a few points the band veers toward more modern styles of metal, i.e. groove and metalcore - at least rhythmically. To me, the only apparent issue which arose whilst listening through the record was Thomas Greulich's vocal performance. Whilst Greulich was able at some points to create some interesting and powerful vocal harmonies with layering and overdubs, his vocal performance over the entire album is a little monotonous and unchanging. I feel this is due to the expectation of the stronger and more impressive vocal work that is commonly associated with traditional metal. Greulich's performance is by no means poor, but could be improved in the band's future efforts by working on his vocal range. Apart from this, the record is well executed and captivating. The production featured on They is at a magnificent standard, especially for an unsigned band. Composed of eight very guitar-oriented tracks, They takes the substance of traditional heavy metal and throws in aspects of heavier, contemporary styles to update the genre for present-day fans of metal. It's clear that Premortal Breath have a way to go yet, but they've laid a solid foundation from which to build their career with debut record They. ‘They’ track listing: 1. Your Ruin 2. Into The Light 3. Fuck My Brain 4. Pain 5. They 6. Pleasure 7. Trapped 8. Bloody Baby Shower Purchase 'They' at: Amazon iTunes www.reverbnation.com/premortalbreath Premortal Breath lineup: Thomas Pettrich - Drums Sebastian Herbold - Guitars Tobias Eymer - Guitars Dominik Eymer - Bass Thomas Greulich - Vocals Premortal Breath online: www.premortalbreath.com www.facebook.com/premortalbreath www.twitter.com/premortalbreath www.reverbnation.com/premortalbreath0 Be the first to like this