Our overall verdict "Good"
London based heavy metal band Metasoma are set to release their debut LP Mirror Of Life. Formed in 2009, Metasoma already have some considerable experience under their belt. This includes releasing their two previous EPs, Metal Erosion and Dead Happy, as well as touring experience - having played venues such as Shepherd's Bush Empire and Camden Town's Underworld. Consisting of 10 tracks, Mirror Of Life clocks in at a solid 41 minutes of nu-metal with a blend of groove metal undertones. "I Hide" opens up the record with a steady torrent of powerful groove riffs bound to create pits and get heads banging in a live environment. Followed by "Rise Up", the band showcase a slightly more erratic side to their songwriting with odd time signatures and vocals reminiscent of System of a Down. "Dead Happy" mixes things up even more with a melodic intro before dropping into a violent middle section which sounds like it belongs on an early Slipknot record. "Sane Psychopath Addict" is an explosion of hard-hitting riffs and fierce drumming, resulting in three minutes and forty seconds of aural chaos. "I Am Me" brings things back to a slower pace with more steady, heavy grooves which continue on into the slightly more upbeat track "Rast a Peace". A melodic, harmonised lead guitar line with tons of reverb starts off "D.W. (A Memory of Rain)", the main track which shows any type of versatility in Metasoma's songwriting on this LP. With a slower, more sombre mood to the track, "D.W." provides a welcome stylistic change amongst the repetition of constant groove metal. Overall, Metasoma blend together a mix of styles, almost establishing their own unique sound. But, at least to my ear, a few tracks on the LP fall slightly short and sound a little too similar to some of the band's influences - most notably Disturbed and Machine Head. Despite quite a few of the band's influences showing through quite strongly, it's not too bad for a debut release - given time, I feel that Metasoma will carve their own path and discover their own unique sound. Production and mixing of the LP was undertaken by guitarist Michael Sedzielewski and vocalist Amro Aleks, with Alexei Ekkel working on co-production and mastering. Brimming with aggressive riffs and dynamic drumming, Mirror Of Life is a well-produced debut effort, with each instrument retaining clarity and balance whilst still cutting through the mix at key moments. Mirror Of Life will be released mid-September. For more information, check out Metasoma online: www.facebook.com/metasoma.metal www.reverbnation.com/metasoma4 people like this