Our overall verdict "Excellent"
Formed of a trio, heavy metal newcomers Kill or Cure will be releasing their self-titled debut album on January 6th, 2014. Despite a substantial geographical divide, with the members being based in Manchester and Southend, Kill or Cure have clearly put in masses of hard work and effort for their debut studio release. Dan Hepner, guitarist, elaborates: "Kill or Cure are three good friends who do this for a shared love of metal. We're based at opposite ends of the country, but we have a great time working together. So to make it happen, instead of taking regular holidays, Kill or Cure do 'Band Camp' - we spend our vacation time together in the studio writing and recording the best metal we can cook up. There's no record company telling us what to do, so we make the metal we want to hear, and trust our own creative instincts. Now is the right time to unleash Kill or Cure on the outside world and see who shares our vision." Onslaught only needed to listen to the first track, 'Season's End', for a matter of mere seconds before it was blatantly apparent that even though this is their unsigned debut release, Kill or Cure are far from amateurs - they know exactly what they're doing and they're passionate about it, which shows in their work. With outstanding songwriting and skilful musicianship, this 9 track long record clocks in at about 40 minutes, showcasing the band's unique take on modern, uncompromising heavy metal. Each of the 9 tracks embody different styles and genres of metal, creating a unique listening experience as no two tracks sound too similar - yet Kill or Cure also managed to pull this off whilst retaining their own unique sound throughout the album. The production of this release is phenomenal, with the mix and mastering shining a spotlight on all the important elements to create the perfect sound for this style of metal. The intense drumming serves as a driving force behind the songs, paired with polished guitar work and Chris Brookes' distinctive and fierce vocals. As well as this, in a few track some beautiful and melodic violin and piano parts are implemented by Elena DeJesus - giving the band a multifaceted sound, with different components which all complement each other in just the right ways. Kill or Cure are currently back in the studio, and have already started work on recording their follow-up album. Dan explains, "Finishing off in the studio is our main priority while we're all fired up - that way we can deliver a one-two punch within a year - but we're also keen to recruit some extra hands so we can gig these songs for you too." After the release of their debut album, the band will recruit a live lineup for 2014. If you get a chance to catch Kill or Cure perform, don't miss it - great things will lie ahead for this talented up and coming band.0 Be the first to like this