Chris Ward

Chris Ward

A Modern Take on Traditional Metal with Melodic Hooks and Memorable Riffs

Chris Ward is an English heavy metal guitarist, bassist and songwriter from Manchester, UK. He began playing guitar in 2007 and progressed on to writing full band compositions for guitar, bass and drums in 2009.

Inspired by the likes of Megadeth and Black Sabbath, Chris' writing style combines thought provoking lyrics with prominent bass lines and riffs to create music that is intended to be both meaningful and memorable whilst still being heavy. To date, he has self-released three solo EPs of original material and one compilation album that brings together all of his previously released work along with an acoustic bonus track.

In 2010 Chris released his début, the 'Souls For Trade' EP, featuring four originally written metal songs with Darren Pugh of the UK metal band 'Aliases' taking on drumming duties. The EP is firmly rooted in traditional heavy metal but with elements of thrash and speed metal thrown in on tracks such as 'Temptress' and 'Leeches On Society'.

The following year his next release, the 'Metal Is Metal!' EP, continued in much the same vein as his first, only with more complicated arrangements and some Sabbath-inspired riffs and solos - particularly on the track 'Last Man Standing'. Like his first EP, 'Metal Is Metal!' once again features Darren Pugh behind the drums.

In 2013 the 'Tell Yourself' EP, Chris' third official release, marked his first foray into alternative guitar tunings and also a change of personnel with Jake Ryder, formerly of Shaun Ryder's 'The Happy Mondays' and 'Black Grape', bringing his own drumming style into the mix. With this line up change and some cryptic lyrics, 'Tell Yourself' demonstrates a more developed metal sound.

All of Chris Ward's releases, including his 2014 compilation album 'When All Else Fails', are available online now through a range of different distributors. They can all be streamed in full for free on Bandcamp; purchased on physical CD through CDBaby; or downloaded via Amazon, Bandcamp, CDBaby and iTunes to name a few.

Band Members:
Chris Ward - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Jake Ryder - Session Drums

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Chris Ward

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