Scream At The Sun

Scream At The Sun

Scream at the Sun: a Minneapolis based metal band, raw and in your face with a new flavor of Metal that darkly intrigue and pull at every corner of the mind.

Scream at the Sun is a Minneapolis based metal band with its feet in many aspects of the metal genre. The bands many influences darkly intrigue and pull at every corner of the mind. Evoking shadows from your Peripheral vision, and melodically tantalizing your sub conscious. Their music is true metal for all.

CLINT HOWRY: Lead vocals. Clint's vocals are layered and melodic, yet have the force of a flying fist to your face. They run a spectrum that sometimes has an eerie sound like that of possession, yet tantalize with dark melodies. Howry's lyrics manifest insanity and violations of societal norms. Clint has been the front man for such groups as Court Jesture, Torture, April’s Deadroom, Gracepoint, Ethereal Visions and now... Scream at the Sun.

Wayne Peloquine: Lead and Rhythm Guitars/Back up vocals.
Wayne comes from varied styles of music. From Jazz to Death metal, he can play it all. Wayne is a seasoned veteran to the stage as well as recording. With 4 world tours and many recording credits under his belt, he brings a multitude of experience and knowledge to the Scream AT The Sun roster. Wayne has played for Brick, Before God, Parathian, and ShadowCraft just to name a few.

Tom Brown: Bass/Back up vocals. Tom brings the thunder from down under. Tom's bass playing and bottom end tone round out the Scream At The Sun signature sound. Tom is no "Newbie" to the Metal Realm and has played for many great acts. Tom was the low end for ShadowCraft before joining the ranks of Scream At The Sun.

Jamie Strobach: Drums. Jamie brings style and finesse while still bringing the thunder to the Scream AT The Sun lineup. He has previously played with many great bands like Seventh Calling and Cold Colors before entering the ranks of SATS. Jamie also owns and operates Triple 4 Studios in St.Paul MN. His soul now belongs Scream At The Sun

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Scream At The Sun

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