Nervous Endings

Nervous Endings
Nervous Endings

A 5 piece metal banging machine!

Nervous Endings are:


Jake........Lead guitar

Gray........Rythym guitar


......Bass guitar

Hometown Alton

An unrelenting synergy of headpounding riffs and growling vocals underpinned with irresistible grooves and punishing drummin.

Just a few of our influences: Parkway Drive, Hatebreed, Lamb Of God, Killswitch Engage, Slipknot, Deicide, RATM and Machine Head.

“Brilliant. The finger-picking guitar work has to be the most awesome I’ve ever seen.” –Neil Duncan, IssuePunkzine

“Nervous Endings do a mean live set.”- Chas Byrne, The Delta Rock Show

Cd review for Live And Unleashed demo-"Wow these guys are very tight. For a live recording,this is very polished and very heavy. Good riffs with angry vocals and precise drumming. Standout track has to be Controlled, heavy but very accessible. Could be mixed better but overall a good quality demo." Paul Laney,

"Definately some insanely uber guitar riffing & lightening quick shredding, certainly one of our biggest influences at musicians" - Paul Gilbert & John Petrucci

Bands we've slayed stages with so far....

Akakios, ALTERNATIVE CARPARK, Alzir, Apnia, Artisian, Aytora, Ben and Amy, BLACKOUT, BLACK IRIS, Black Skies Dawn, Bloodshot Dawn, BREEDAPART, BREED 77, Bridge The Void, Bucephalus, Cars On Fire, CINDERS FALL, Civillian, Dred, Distorted Dreams, GODSIZED, Heartstring, Hollow Point, Hurtcore, In The Absence Of Light, Insinerate, Karrion, Maiea, Manti, No One Left, Out Of Enemies, OUTCRYFIRE, Pink Widow, Point Of Impact, Prometheus, Provoked, Quarterblind, Raze, Red Burns Black, Sintuition, Sinuism, SMOKESCREEN, Sorcerers Spell, Spiral Dive, SUBROSA, TED MAUL, The Spoons, Traitor Born, Vamps and Gypsies, Vanadium, Viscera, White Knuckle Revolution, Wraith, Your Deadline.

With the release of our new studio ep we are eager to get back on that road.

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Nervous Endings

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