Beckon are a five (currently four) piece metal band who have a hell of a musical reputation in the metal community in Glasgow and have gained an entourage of followers wherever they go.
Selected best new band of 2012 by Beckon produce nothing but the most furious, unforgiving metal riffs and the bands individual members bring their own specific styles and influences to the sound of the band leaving the group wide open to forward thinking and innovative playing styles and this shows in the diversity of their songs with not one song sounding like the last.
Beckons ability to be so diverse within their collective self gives them the edge and the power to be a incredible influential force among the metal community and beyond. Paul Kelly is the newest member of beckon a vocalist who has just joined the band six months ago and fits into their unit like a finely tuned guitar string, resonating a force vocally so powerful it blows your head off.
Beckon look very much content as a unit and musically in their element, feeling they are making the most progression at this specific point in their musical career and things can only grow further from here and it is clear to see that musically they are relentless in their expression and keep the masses reeling with their savage and also melodic guitar riffs.
A force that rises up from your core to leave you yearning for more.

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