Burn Thy Enemy

Burn Thy Enemy
Burn Thy Enemy

Burn Thy Enemy are a progressive goth metal band with undertones of power metal & Dark melodies. If you like your tunes heavy but with true melody, sung with real passion then Burn Thy Enemy are a must listen.

Burn thy Enemy are pushing the boundaries of music with their brand of Shock and Awe Metal! Led by Eddie Marsh on guitars and with Cori Evans on vocals, the band, always innovative and progressive, are taking Power Metal to the next level. If you like your Metal angry and powerful, and gossamer vocals sung with passion but with the stopping power of a half brick, Burn thy Enemy are for you.

The band have toured extensively around the UK and Germany, and have played with the likes of Diamond Head, Enuff Z'Nuff, Skid Row and King Leoric to name but a few, and are now pushing hard to get their own brand of dynamic metal recognised by the masses. A man once said "on my command, Unleash Hell"; he obviously was talking about Burn Thy Enemy!

Cori Evans (Vocals)

Breaking out from the Spanish Metal scene, Cori found her feet firmly on the U.K. Shoreline and practically ran straight into the Burn Thy Enemy studio in 2012!. Having wanted to dedicate her life to music from a young age, nothing is about to stop her now! - "My ultimate goal in my musical career is to play in front of a crowd that sing along to the songs the band is playing. To hear the crowd sing the lyrics would make everything worthwhile."

Eddie Marsh (Guitars)

Eddie plays and has played various instruments with some great UK Rock & Metal bands including Lionsheart (Steve Grimmett ex Grim Reaper & Onslaught), Power Metal band Intense as well as named musicians such as Würzel (Ex- Motorhead) and Dave Kilminster (Dave Gilmore – Pink Floyd). He has also sessioned for Voodoo Six supporting Micheal Monroe in 2011. With various UK and European tours under his belt Eddie is a seasoned touring musician, currently touring with Maiden on their 2013 european tour.

Paul Boschen (Bass)

Having gigged extensively, doing a number of UK tours and supporting the likes of Blaze Bailey, Budgie and Saxon, Paul answered an ad to join Burn Thy Enemy by accident, as they were looking for a second guitarist, but got in and became a part of the band by sheer bloody mindedness. He has always been impressed by the first words Eddie Marsh, hard man of guitar and all things metal, said to him: "Hello mate! Fancy a cup of tea?"

Rob Sully (Drums)

Over the years Rob has played with a number of original and cover bands with some very talented musicians, toured the UK and Europe, recorded demos and albums, and stuck to his passion for heavy, loud, guitar based music. His drumming heroes include Nicko McBrain, Mike Portnoy and Andreas Johansson.

In 2010 Rob landed the job as the drummer for Burn Thy Enemy. "Eddie Marsh asked if I would be interested in the drumming slot for his new band, Burn Thy Enemy, and I jumped at the chance! To be asked to play the drums for Burn Thy Enemy was an honour."

Rich Jones (Guitars)

Rich has been in many bands that have never graced glossy posters, and has suffered his fair share of sweat/ceiling interface equipment death. Unbowed, he toils like Sisyphus, rolling his ego up the hill for ever, because he knows of no other way. He must rock.

Currently planning their first official U.K. tour, with the new line-up, dates are already flying into place!

17.08.2013 - Chill Bar, Ilfracombe †
18.08.2013 - 12 Bar, London Soho †
23.08.2013 - Party in the Pub Festival, The Patriot, Crumlin †
24.08.2013 - Four Winds Festival | Port Talbot †
30.08.2013 - Snooty Fox, Wakefield †
31.08.2013 - Dove and Rainbow, Sheffield †
† Free entry

***Bring On The Violence Demo Released***

Official Website: www.burnthyenemy.com
RN: www.reverbnation.com/burnthyenemy?profile_view_source=header_icon_nav
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/burnthyenemy

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