A dark symphonic metal from Gothenburg, Sweden!

Tragderia is:

Rickard "CK" Hallberg - Lead Vocals
Jimmy L. Jönsson - Guitars and Lyrics
Robin Bengtsson - Guitars
Robin H. Olofsson - Bass and Vocals
Natasa Nikolic - Keyboards, lead vocals and choirs
Martin "Mad Mart" Ambjörnsson - Drums & Percussion

Formed by the ex-members of VOID, Tragederia has set out to create dark and ominous but yet melodic music. The lyrics, often depicting the dark side of human nature, plays an important role in the musical creations.

Tragederia, which then did go under the name of VOID, is a dark melodic metal band formed in late 2009 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The band is composed of guitarist/lyricist Jimmy L. Jönsson, bassist/vocalist Robin Olofsson, lead guitarist Robin Bengtsson, lead vocalist Rickard "CK" Hallberg, keyboardist/lead singer Natasa Nikolic and drummer Martin "Mad Mart" Ambjörnsson.

Tragederia first started off as a three-piece constellation consisting of Robin Olofsson, Jimmy L. Jönsson and Robin Bengtsson. In search for new members they came in touch with drummer Martin Ambjörnsson. Having rehearsed for a few months Martin ran in to a friend of old: Rickard Hallberg. Unaware of him being a vocalist, Martin told him about the band whereupon Rickard revealed his singing habits. He was later asked to audition for Tragederia. All of the members was impressed by his charismatic and energetic style. Quickly learning a wide range of vocal techniques, he was to become a very important member of the band.

Tragederia then carried on as a quintet until a year later, when Natasa Nikolic joined the band. Natasa is a talented operatic-style singer and a keyboardist which the band first met Natasa in a music competition in late 2010, and they were all impressed. Tragederia was then in a great need of a keyboarder to steer orchestrations and further accentuate their sound, so they decided to invite Natasa to permanently join the band as a singer/keyboardist. She accepted.

Being a complete sextet, Tragederia took a turn into the studio to begin the recordings of their debut-EP "Humanity" which they released under the name VOID. The recordings were finished late in July and the album was released August 27, 2011. The band then, half a year later, came back to the studio for more and recorded a single called Vultures, which was released in early 2012.

The members of the band then felt that something needed to be done to freshen up the look and feel of the band, to make their name ring more true to what they had now evolved into musically and lyrically. They came up with Tragederia to represent this new era, so to speak, for the band.

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