Paul LeRocq

Paul LeRocq
Paul LeRocq

An original blend of rock, pop, punk and power ballads .

Argentinean-born singer-songwriter Pablo Sciepura a.k.a. Paul LeRocq is reaching far beyond the borders of his native land with a signature blend of rock and ballads.

Sciepura began his musical career – like many before – as the lead guitarist in a high school band, this one called The Crows. By 23, however, he was playing piano, taking singing lessons and revving up for a career that would carry his music beyond Buenos Aires.

He discovered an innate talent for songwriting that he says, “comes from deep within,” and he’s penned over 150 songs to date. His prolific writing first showed up on two demo tapes: In Time in 2004, and Dying All Alone in 2005.

His self-titled debut CD was released in early 2006 and features LeRocq´s distinctive songs that meld melody and emotion in the most unusual ways. Up-tempo tunes may be heart wrenching; ballads may be joyous. It is all part of Paul LeRocq´s uncommon approach to the song. Even warming up in the studio before recording becomes performance art, as he sings in a robust Russian accent (of all things) to both pump up his energy and calm his nerves.

Because Paul prefers to write lyrics in English, his music is gathering greater momentum abroad than in his native Argentina. It is a choice he has consciously made and finds satisfying. While local record companies may be too narrowly focused, LeRocq feels they will perk up their proverbial ears as his music garners airplay around the world. Still he has racked up an impressive performance roster in his homeland, including area gigs at such as clubs as Montserrat, Barocho, Fénix, Speed King, Mitos Argentinos and Down Town Matías, among others.

His debut release offers a look into the inner life of Paul LeRocq, the artist. Here and Now is perhaps the ideal love song, as it reflects on finding the right person to spend your life with, fully aware of the sacrifices that come with true love. Rock to the Top is Paul´s personal rock anthem; one that opens the door on the angst and loneliness that come from a life in music. Another track, Demons Away exposes the feelings of being lost and afraid while exploring the roots of fear and the forms of its release. It is a public view of the struggle an artist encounters with the flurry of change, challenges and uncertain destiny. In fact, the inspiration for Demons Away came from a childhood disability that he ultimately over came. But the experience taught him the importance of seizing every moment and pursuing his dreams.

Now after five years of performing full-time, Paul LeRocq is reaching diverse audiences with his songs that incorporate catchy rock hooks and lyrics that intimately reflect life lessons. They are tales told with power and truth from the heart of a journeyman.
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Paul LeRocq

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