Our overall verdict "Good"
Goblin metal pioneers, Nekrogoblikon are back with a new five track EP Power. The first new music since the bands potent 2011 release Stench, Power certainly has a lot to live up to. Sadly, whilst being completely off the wall, it just doesn’t make much sense. The songs whilst showing hints of past greatness never really get off the ground, they feel thrown together without much thought to the meaning of the songs. On Stench there was a definite story to be told whereas the lyrics have no purpose for example ‘suddenly a giraffe’ from the song Giraffe. Yes, the band are known for having many random songs but they always had some link whereas this has no base for the randomness. The musicianship however is top notch with my personal favourite being the haunting dynamicism of Bells & Whistles. Powercore also shows musical hints of brilliance, but its shallow lyrics really bring this song and the whole EP down. Whilst being a sucker for gimic bands this is beyond the realms of sense, the lyrics and the general mishmash feel of the songs have really spoilt what could have been a great follow up to a stunning album. In the words of Giraffe ‘Everybody come look, everybody come laugh’, I feel this is exactly what people will do about this EP.0 Be the first to like this