Motorhead with UK Subs and Anti NoWhere League
Wolverhampton Civic Hall - 3rd November 2011

When bands reach a certain age there is often a fear that they will go acoustic or provide a slowed down version of the performances they were well known for.
This was not the case for this happy gig attender.

The night was kicked off by UK Subs performing a 40 minute warm up set. Punks streamed in to the Mosh Pit¸ with shirts off¸ proper spiked hair and pogoing to the opening tracks. An accolade to UK Subs old energy.

Anti NoWhere League followed up with a 40 minute session¸ with as much aggression and hate as they did in 70's and 80's. Needless to say when they came out with classics like “I Hate People”¸ “We are the League” and “Let's Break the Law” there was a frenzy of activity in throughout the standing area of this great venue.

So time for the main event¸ Motorhead. With the line up of Lemmy on Bass and Vocals¸ Philip Campbell on Lead & Backing Vocals and Mikkey Dee on Drums & Backing Vocals. They are as loud¸ possibly louder than they have ever been and clearly there are no signs of slowing down. The running order for the gig was roughly the following but to be honest I was partying hard¸ headbanging and generally enjoying a cracking set¸ including tracks from their new albumn “The World Is Yours” (TWIY):

  • Bomber
  • Roll Over
  • I know how to die (TWIY)
  • Say Please
  • Metropolise
  • Over the Top
  • Look Back
  • Teach How To Sing the Blues
  • Born to lose (TWIY)
  • Nikky Dee's amazing Drum Solo
  • Orgasmatron
  • Dead men tell no lies
  • Kill By Death
  • Stay Clean

The Encore was brought back with an amazing rendition of Ace of Spades sending us in to a frenzy¸ followed by Motorhead and then 3 runs through of Overkill.

An epic gig¸ played well with energy and meaning. Motorhead remain the loudest band and I seriously walked away from the gig concerned about my hearing¸ with a rattling in my right ear.

Will I see them again? Hell yes and you should too.

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