Our overall verdict "Perfect"
Wovenwar were bestowed with the task of opening for In Flames - not something to be taken lightly by any band, taking into account the Gothenburg melodic death metal pioneers' career spanning 24 years. I've been hearing a lot of positive things about Wovenwar online, so was rather disappointed by their performance. The tracks seemed somewhat lacklustre and mediocre. No tracks in Wovenwar's set were particularly memorable, so the band left the stage without creating a lasting impression. Next came While She Sleeps; a band I've never previously listened to, as I tend to avoid almost all metalcore. This band surpassed my expectations. A lively set of punishing riffs and infectious hooks compensated for the previous let down from Wovenwar - doing a great job of warming up the crowd before the main act. A band I've never heard of impressing me live doesn't happen too often, so I've come away from the experience feeling that I'd like to look further into the band's back-catalogue. Following the uninspiring opening set from Wovenwar and redemptive performance from While She Sleeps, In Flames took to the stage to conclude their UK tour. As can be expected, the band have just recently released their 11th studio album Siren Charms - so a large amount of the set list consisted of new material. Considering the amount of hatred I've seen the band receiving online from anonymous keyboard warriors in regards to the band's change in direction on Siren Charms, I was (pleasantly) surprised to see the entire crowd getting into the new material just as much, if not more than, some of In Flames' older songs. Kicking things off with "In Plain View", the opening track from Siren Charms, In Flames had the crowd eating out of their hands immediately. The barrage of melodic death riffs had begun. Following up "In Plain View" was another track from Siren Charms, "Everything's Gone", and then "Fear Is The Weakness". Continuing the energetic and fast-paced vibe of the show, was "Trigger" - one of my favourite songs by the band. At this point, the band dug deep into the In Flames vault and played "Resin" from 1999 album Colony, a treat for the diehard jesterheads who've been with the band since its inception. After dropping two more songs from Sounds Of A Playground Fading and three from Siren Charms, the band spoiled us with five consecutive crowd-pleasing favourites from their back catalogue: "Delight And Angers", "Cloud Connected", "Only For The Weak", "The Chosen Pessimist" and "The Quiet Place". In all the shows I've been to, I've never seen a crowd with such limitless energy - headbanging, fist pumping, jumping, and singing (at deafening volumes) along all in perfect unison without letting up. The band wound up the set by performing one more track from Siren Charms, throwing back to A Sense Of Purpose with "The Mirror's Truth". They then Delivered Us to the final track of the night - "Take This Life". Throughout the set, the band were completely on form - I couldn't pick out any faults with either the performance nor the sound engineers/venue. I jumped, I moshed, I fist pumped, I drank beer, and I screamed my heart out along to some of the songs that mean the most to me. In Flames, thank you for a great night - it was well worth the three year wait for your return!0 Be the first to like this