I must confess a certain bias for Australian music. The nation is the notoriously creative product of a generation that managed to get themselves ‘exiled’ to a subtropical paradise! It is to my shame then¸ that Psycroptic have eluded my attention for the last decade¸ although if like me¸ you have missed out on this phenomenon it is with great pleasure that I present to you the baptism of fire that is The Inherited Repression: a perfect example of what technical death metal should aspire to.

Now before the word technical puts of those of you who aren’t in a metal band yourselves¸ I am not talking about the indecipherable flurry of notes you would expect from a Necrophagist album¸ for the first thing that strikes me about Psycroptic is the careful attention to the songwriting with hooks that are often as melodic as Carcass or as intense as Nile (although you could never honestly compare them to either band outright).
This album demands your full attention with the insistence and precision of a bonesaw poised at the edge of your skull¸ yielding between songs with atmospherics or clean riffery just long enough for you to absorb what is happening¸ right up to the last track which has an abrupt and unresolved ending that leaves you aching for just a little more.

This concise brutality is something new for Psycroptic¸ and along with the flawless production gives the overall sense of a finely honed art. The band themselves determined to write songs that flowed better than previous albums and a little research on youtube tells me they’ve certainly cracked it. If¸ like me¸ you’ve missed out on their previous 4 albums or even if you have heard all of them¸ The Inherited Repression is a perfect place to start listening not only to Psycroptic but to technical death metal in general.

The Reverend

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