Our overall verdict "Excellent"
  "Origin of Extinction" is the second album to be released by Mortillery via Napalm Records, and for the purpose of this review I will not be including the bonus songs in the review (although I will give my opinion on them but it will not affect the rating).   Battle March - the Instrumental opener to the album, I have to admit this song started off making me think Mortillery had taken a step backwards towards a generic rock band rather than a thrash metal band, around 30seconds in my mind starts to change as a nice building solo kicks in leading in the thrash elements (this now almost feels like Mortillery are taking me on a trip through their influences), 50 seconds in we hit the full thrash some sexy gallops coupled with a tasty little riff for good measure both making my head start to bob to the beat. Now Way Out - A slow clean intro with a solo almost reminding me of Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne (Randy Rhodes era) it’s a bit of a jump from how Battle March ended nothing overly complicated but I like it, after a short while we're back to full force thrash riffs surely building up to some vocals, teasing the riffs seem to be kept fairly simple yet very effective here letting the vocals carve through perfectly gaining this song a very early 80's thrash vibe which is nice to hear these days from the younger generation on thrash bands Cease to Exist - The opening to this song has a very Anthrax vibe going on, this continues as the riffs come thick and fast, even the vocal phrasing on the verse sounds like this song could’ve easily been written by/for Anthrax. Some very nice vocal work here raising the bar for what is to come I’m sure. Creature Possessor - Something about this opening riff that already makes me want to head bang, think I’m going to remember this song for a long time already. The solo here could easily rival a solo from "kill ‘em all" or "show no mercy", this is then followed by the repeating of "creature possessor". I can already picture the pits exploding to this song and I love that this song doesn’t drag/fade out we get a clean stab to end the whole experience. Seen in Death – Nice and simple song here, and that’s not a bad thing, the riffs are catchy and the vocals compliment them nicely, a few nice solos in this song all varying in their style really showing and playing on the bands varying influences. Feed the Fire – this song continues nicely from “seen in death” I can see this working live almost the same way “postmortem” flows straight into “raining blood” similar to “seen in death" the song is kept fairly simple this is definitely a song design to make you head bang. The Hunters Lair – at just over 3 minutes 20 seconds this is the shortest song on the album (excluding battle march). The song starts off in a very early Metallica style, once the vocals hit the song keeps the Metallica vibe going and later adds in elements that feel like they could fit with King Diamond, very catchy lyrics for this one. F.O.A.D – the intro solo I have to admit felt like it was lifted from Drowning pool’s first album and sped up. Once that passes and the first f*ck is screamed the song picks up and is back on form, this songs a nice mix of riffs, and very catch vocal patterns definitely meant to be a sing along and possibly the most accessible song on the album for anyone who isn’t a diehard thrash fan. Maniac – a nice suspenseful slow build with almost tribal style drumming to start this one off before another classic simple but effective riff kicks in building towards a barrage of “maniac” repeated over and over, a few nice changes in vocal style to keep things interesting (but not too extreme that is doesn’t still fit well). Sunday Morning Slasher – bass intro with slow almost ambient drumming, nice build to set the tone for the last official song on the album, there’s an evil feeling building with how this is built (fitting for the song title). This song is full of very fitting solos, a building pace and we’re really seeing the range in the vocals over the course of the song. **Evil Invaders (Razor) – Of the three covers included in this version I have to admit Evil invaders is the one song I’m not overly familiar with the original. However this song is a very fitting choice for Mortillery, if I didn’t know it was a cover song I’d easily have said they had written it themselves, the overall feel of this song is very in keeping with the rest of the album. **Madhouse (Anthrax) – excellent choice and probably the most known of all the covers, the guitars and drumming are solid throughout, I’m not sure about the vocals on this though, it works but doesn’t feel right. Not quite in keeping with the rest of the album but interesting none the less. **Angel Witch (Angelwitch) – Another awesome choice of covers here, I only personally know of one other band that does a cover of this and that is my own. I like that this song feels slightly sped up and thrashier than the original chorus definitely is in keeping with the original yet still feels fresh. Some of the lead parts feel off to me but that’s due to my band covering angel witch too. Otherwise another solid version paying tribute to the bands influences.   Best song – Hands down has to be ‘creature possesor’ closely followed by ‘Sunday morning slasher’ Worst song F.O.A.D unfortunately hits me as the weakest song on the album for me, not that it’s a bad song at all just the one I liked the least   Verdict – A very solid album it’s not quite “reign in blood” or “kill ‘em all” with the speed of things, but Mortillery have definitely made a lasting impression. If you like Thrash and want something new this albums definitely for you, if you aren’t a huge thrash fan you may not get it on first listening but there are some major gems in here that should appeal to almost all metal fans.0 Be the first to like this