hAND have recently released their second album called Breathing¸ which is comprised of the following tracks:

  • Song No.B2
  • The Pier
  • Mimicry
  • Flee
  • The Neon Hero
  • Supersonic
  • Fate Sewed On
  • Deblue
  • Reanimation

hAnd are a trio from Horsham in Sussex consisting of Kat Ward (vocals¸ bass & piano)¸ Kieren Johnstone (Guitar) and Cris Ward (Drums).

Regarding the album in its entirety the label that hAND have thought up for themselves of Progressive Gothic Metal is seemingly a well-earned one as there were times when it crossed my mind their music wouldn’t be out of place as the soundtrack of a Tim Burton film.

As a consequence of their chosen style it becomes apparent as early on as Song No.B2 that hAND are equally as happy to let Kat Ward’s haunting vocals take second stage and allow their instruments to do the talking.  The result of which is a suitably engaging offering that allows Kat to showcase her talents on the piano in ‘Flee’ and for this reviewer it is a shame that there isn’t more to be heard both in the album and in their live performances. However¸ if there was any doubting that any of this trio lacked confidence in their ability these are firmly put to rest by ‘The Neon Hero’ which¸ at close to nine minutes long¸ is an instrumental track which surpasses in length anything from their debut album of Deadroom Journal and more than matches it in terms of quality.

All in all a solid offering which wouldn’t be out of place in the CD collection of any goth metal fan¸ this is available to purchase on May 2nd from Femme Metal Records.


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