British death metal is on the rise. Leading the charge is Dyscarnate¸ Horsham’s maniacal three-piece monstrosity. Having risen from the depths of the U.K. death metal scene with 2010’s head-turning “Enduring the Massacre” Dyscarnate’s latest release¸ “And So It Came to Pass” on Siege of Amida Records¸ finds the band honing their groove-laden brand of death metal to brutal perfection.

Taking a page from the likes of Dying Fetus¸ Behemoth and Napalm Death¸ Dyscarnate strike that all important balance between technicality and song writing: something which the large majority of modern day death metal bands fail to accomplish. Indeed¸ song writing is very much the top priority for Dyscarnate¸ and it shows. From the very beginning of the album¸ Dyscarnate make it clear that they’re not in favour of twiddling on their instruments – they’re out for blood and they want you to bang your head.

Boosted by a muscular production¸ “And So It Came to Pass” rips and roars¸ planting its hooks deep within your membrane. Of all the tracks that do this well¸ “The Promethean” is the clear highlight. A master class in how to piece together numerous parts in one cohesive and memorable song¸ “The Promethean” is sure to become a modern death metal favourite. Other choice-cuts include the anthemic “In the Face of Armageddon” and the thunderous “Seizure.”

“And So It Came to Pass” is Dyscarnate’s vision of death metal fully realised. It is then a little disappointing to find that some of the band’s material does stray into being a bit repetitive at times. It’s clear that Dyscarnate has hedged all their bets on one strand of death metal¸ and whilst this serves them perfectly well the majority of the time¸ the album could have done with a bit more experimentation.

Dyscarnate deserve to be commended for making a death album of such high calibre. Precise¸ relentless and bludgeoning¸ “And So It Came to Pass” is nothing less than a declaration of war.


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