Our overall verdict "Excellent"
Formed in Dorset in 2007 by Joey Draper (vocals), Doug Cartwright (guitar) and Leigh Costanza (drums), Beneath Dead Waves play unashamed, unafraid, outspoken heavy metal. After relocating to London and spending several years writing and recording, the band was completed in 2013 by Matt Reeves (Guitar) and Chad McCamlie (Bass). Inertia is the culmination of many years of work from a small group of strong-willed independent artists who are extremely excited to finally release their work for public consumption. What exactly makes a great metal album? Is it down to a catchy chorus, or perhaps relatable lyrics? Maybe even just good old fashioned heavy, bone-crushing riffs? Either way, Onslaught found all of these things and more in Beneath Dead Waves' debut release, Inertia. Despite only containing eight tracks, Inertia clocks in at around 51 minutes, with each track lasting a minimum of five minutes. The tracks are a little lengthy, but they're all fairly intricate, with sizeable instrumental passages. The first track, 'Nemacyst', kicks things off with a burst of heavy thrash riffing and explosive drums, setting the overall tone for the album. Followed by 'Delirium', Beneath Dead Waves kick it up a notch. Thundering blast beats and lightning fast riffing suddenly hit you unawares, filling you with the urge to headbang or start a circle pit. Near the end of the track, there are some interesting time signature changes and breakdowns - sounds reminiscent of The Dillinger Esc. Plan. Overall, Beneath Dead Waves blend elements of thrash, groove and nu-metal with an aggressive attitude and progressive mindset to create a unique and striking signature sound. The album's title track, 'Inertia', is where things slow down and mellow out a little bit, bringing a sense of dynamics into the record with beautiful, melodious instrumentation. In addition to this, on this track vocalist Joey Draper shows that he's capable of harmonious vocals as well as powerful screams - shining a spotlight on his vocal range and technique. Inertia's mixing and mastering was handled by guitarist Doug Cartwright, though you'd have thought that the band had taken the conventional path and gone to a professional studio. The mix is very well balanced, with no particular instruments overpowering or drowning out any others, yet the individual members' efforts stand out during instrumental sections such as guitar solos and drum fills. Beneath Dead Waves are a prime example of the determination and hard work that bands are still putting into music these days - proof that the music scene is far from dead, as some may believe it to be. Inertia was a completely independent and self-funded effort, including production, which speaks volumes. Their perseverance has paid off, as they've ended up with a solid debut release, and we at Onslaught expect their future releases will only get better. Inertia, the band's debut album, is set for release on January 18th. The album will be streaming for free online and will also be available for digital download through all online retailers, with a physical release following shortly afterwards. Check out the lyric video for the track 'Imperfect' here. For more information, check out the band's Facebook page and website, or contact them via email, found below. Beneath Dead Waves online: www.facebook.com/beneathdeadwaves www.beneathdeadwaves.com [email protected]0 Be the first to like this