You can listen to Onslaught Radio on your computer, wi-fi radio and mobile phone...


Simply logon to and click on the listen button on the top right hand corner.  Our radio player will let you know which song is currently playing, and the presenter currently on air.  If this doesn't work, you can load the stream in your usual media player with the direct stream urls at the bottom of the page.

Wi-Fi Radio

A Wi-Fi radio works like a normal radio, except it uses your wireless internet connection to receive the audio stream.  You can browse through and listen to thousands of radio stations from around the world.  In many cases, the quality is better than DAB radio and you don't have to worry about reception problems. If you don't already have a Wi-Fi radio, you can now buy them from most high street electrical retailers, or online. The Pure Evoke Flow is a good option.

Mobile Phone

If you have internet access enabled on your phone, you can listen to Onslaught Radio through your phone.  You could even plug your mobile into an in-car FM transmitter so that you can listen through your car radio whilst driving.

Stream URLs

Certain devices (like mobile phones and wi-fi radios) require you to add the direct stream URL to the system to enable you to listen to Onslaught Radio.  Below are the direct URLs to our streams. (Winamp) (Windows Media)