FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH¸ the US outfit whose signature blend of melody and full-tilt aggression has brought them substantial critical and commercial success on an international scale¸ return to the front-line on October 10th with brand new studio album¸ ‘American Capitalist’.
Produced & mixed by Kevin Churko (Ozzy Osbourne¸ Hinder¸ etc.) at ‘The Hideout’ in Las Vegas¸ this is the band’s third studio outing since first coming together back in 2006.
An 11-track release¸ including lead single/video ‘Under And Over It’¸ already Top 10 at Active Rock in the US and surely one of THE metal tracks of 2011¸ this record looks all set to build on the huge¸ ever-growing success achieved by albums one & two –‘The Way Of The Fist’ (internationally released 2009) & ‘War Is The Answer’ (2009)¸ both gold records Stateside having spawned seven consecutive Top Ten singles at Active Rock.
In addition to ‘Under And Over It’ – due for single release September 26th complete with sarcastic¸ OTT¸ genre-celebratin’ video directed by Ethan Emaniquis¸ whose credits number ‘Sin City’ & ‘Grindhouse’ – the album also contains such classic 5FDP moments as ‘The Pride’¸ ‘Coming Down’ & ‘Generation Dead’; in addition to the standard CD¸ there will also be a ltd edition deluxe CD format complete with special packaging plus second disc containing a number of exclusive Remixes¸ including one for ‘Under And Over It’. Meanwhile¸ the iTunes version carries bonus track¸ ‘The Tragic Truth’.
Says guitarist Zoltan Bathory: “This record crystallises the sound of Death Punch. The band has really come into its own. Everyone contributed to the music¸ and this is what we are capable of as a unit.
“The overall message is to fight for your survival and success. You can be a zebra or join the lion pride. You have to rebel against your circumstances¸ laziness and mediocrity – not the system. The best will make it¸ and that notion is genetically embedded within our fabric. If we were all equal¸ evolution wouldn't exist. The human spirit encourages us to excel."

FOLLOWING THE October 10th release of ‘American Capitalist’¸ the band – completed by Ivan Moody (vocals)¸ Jason Hook (guitar)¸ Jeremy Spencer (drums)¸ and new boy bassist Chris Kael – head out on a major US tour under the ‘Share The Welt’ banner¸ headlining a package that also includes All That Remains¸ Hatebreed & Rev Theory. This tour starts in mid-October and runs through into November¸ with more dates likely to be added.
In terms of international touring¸ 5FDP are planning to visit Europe in the first quarter of 2012¸ having already made a very healthy mark on this side of the Atlantic with album sales in excess of 100¸000¸ appearances at the Rock Am Ring/Rock Im Park and Download Festivals in Germany and the UK (the latter on two occasions)¸ a sold-out headline tour (UK)¸ plus a front cover on Metal Hammer magazine (UK).
Simply¸ the band’s die-hard following (affectionately referred to as ‘Knuckleheads’) continues to expand at pace¸ and – as the no-compromise metallic stomp of ‘Under And Over It’ shows – ‘American Capitalist’ is a record that stays 100% true to core Death Punch values i.e. giant¸ well-crafted songs delivered with passion¸ power and the sort of tank-tread riffin’ that metal fans instinctively love���
Concludes Moody: "I literally laid every ounce of blood I had on the street with this one. We are a people's band. Our fans admire and understand us because of who we are. We've never tried to be anybody else. We're Five Finger Death Punch."

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