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9 Score

Flayed Disciple – Death Hammer

Let’s not beat around the bush: Flayed Disciple are a sick band. This Taunton lot churn out a breed of death metal that takes no prisoners and ...
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8 Score

Bloodshot Dawn – Bloodshot Dawn

It’s a great time to be a death metal fan. The genre has seemingly exploded over the years¸ due largely to the sharing and discovery of new ...
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8.5 Score

The Mercy House – A Broken State of Bliss

Imagine Alice In Chains and Soundgarden getting it on in a dark and damp motor hotel room whilst Tool watches quietly on from a dark corner. Got ...
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Dying Fetus – Reign Supreme

Dying Fetus are a rarity: they’ve simultaneously held onto their death metal cred¸ charted in the top 200 of the Billboard charts and ...
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Seven Deadly – The Allegiance EP

From the ashes of seasoned British metallers Panic Cell comes Seven Deadly: the new force in melody-driven metal. Part Bullet For My Valentine ...
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Architects – Daybreaker

2011 was a mixed bag for Architects. With bigger bookings¸ more sold out concerts and a good slot on the main stage at last year’s Sonisp...
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Whitechapel – Whitechapel

10 bruising deathcore tracks straight from the belly of the beast¸ Whitechapel’s self-titled effort is a stepping stone to bigger and ...
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Shadows Fall – Fire From The Sky

Hailing from a scene which gave rise to a number of successful metalcore acts during the early 2000’s¸ Shadows Fall are a band that have ...
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Tesseract – Perspective

2011 was a big a year for the British progressive metallers. Their debut effort¸ ‘One’¸ was easily one of the most highly anticipa...
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Cattle Decapitation – Monolith Of Inhumanity

The seventh instalment in a long line of death infected grindcore albums; ‘Monolith of Inhumanity’ is the next evolutionary step in ...
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